🤖 WebAI

AI prediction of 2022 LTA matches

We have developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model using Google TensorFlow Lite to predict the winner of a serve in lawn tennis.

Updates with be added here in future.

CHU Media UK

WebAI is given the first and last frame of the short video. It then generates the frames in-between, called ‘inbetweening’.

Web Apps

The next step for the web: WebAI that designs, builds and promotes websites – automatically.

WEB Apps 

Websites that behave like native apps; installing, self-contained, no app store costs.


WebAI takes a sizeable amount of the work in creating, promoting and maintaining websites. 


Many enquiries can be handled by an AI virtual assistants and chatbots. Voice compatibility.


 PWA automatically hyper-customises websites based on the visitor.